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Photo by Corey Torpie

Allison Davis, Founder & Principal Producer

Allison has been carefully organizing and over-achieving since her days at one of the nation's top private schools and New York University. She's lived in New York for over a decade, where she has spent the past five years working on weddings and events for guest counts from six to sixteen hundred (and more) in venues like Brooklyn Museum, New York Public Library, and enormous backyard tents. Her specialty is planning and producing events in "big empty spaces” that require coordination of every detail from flowers to forks. She approaches each client's event with a friendly-yet-calm demeanor, eye for color and design, and knack for problem-solving. Her clients rely on her expertise as well as her patience, understanding, and quick sense of humor as they design celebrations of their most meaningful milestones.

Allison loves working with clients that share a love for personal details and relaxed sophistication. People who love to entertain, and put real energy into ensuring that their guests are treated to a great time. Simply put: enthusiastic hosts.

When not editing spreadsheets and scrolling Instagram, she's watching documentaries or tennis matches, baking cookies, and/or laughing with friends.


Megan Hughes
production manager

Calm in the face of any and everything, and generous with high-fives.

Emilija “Em” Nakas
production manager

“Matrimonial McGuyver” with a bright personality and smart solutions.


we believe that:

Love is love. ・ Black lives matter. ・ Feminism requires intersectionality. ・ Body positivity is vital. ・ Empathy is everything.