Brooklyn Wedding Rager | The Bell House | Amanda & Rob

Brooklyn Wedding Rager | The Bell House | Amanda & Rob

Before they even signed the contract, Amanda and Rob treated me to several drinks and gave me a t-shirt. As they told me about their plans for the wedding, there were times where I wished I could be a guest — they were stopping at nothing to make sure we put together a dope party. Tons of food. A huge bar. Live music. Yes, please.

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Davis Row x A Practical Wedding: A Millennial Guide To The Wedding Party

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I'll never not be thrilled that Meg Keene invited me to join A Practical Wedding as a contributing writer last year. My pieces range from personal opinion essays to logistical advice articles. I'll share them all here! - Allison

The wedding party. It’s one of those parts of wedding planning that can feel hard to sort out. Maybe you want people you love around you, but those traditional lines of all matching friends lined up by gender doesn’t feel like it has much to do with your real life. Or maybe you’re just not sure what bridal party members are supposed to do, really, and who you should ask to be in yours. If you’re trying to make sense of the wedding party in the millennial world, you are in good company. Continue reading at APW.