Just Treats 2016 & Tips for Throwing an A1 Halloween Party

Photo by Quyn Duong

Boo! Halloween is one of my absolute favorite holidays (I usually have two costumes, at minimum). So, yeah, I love producing Halloween parties! This one, adorably named Just Treats, was held on the second floor of a bar, with a balcony for people watching along 2nd Avenue in NYC. Not quite peonies and carefully arranged seating cards, but a really great time.

The best Halloween parties require forethought. Yes, you're going to need lots of candy and darkness. It's also a great idea to focus your budget on professional photography services. If you and your friends work hard on costumes, this is basically mandatory.

It's fun to lean into the Halloween theme, but one area where I'd suggest avoiding that is music. Stick with the cheesy classics like "The Monster Mash" early in the night as guests are loosening up, and throw in the spooky dance party jams like "Thriller" as the night progresses. There's nothing like a dance floor full of assorted characters and inanimate objects, and you will absolutely lose that if your playlist or DJ plays a track of haunted house sounds.

Lastly, don't forget trash cans. Unwrapped candy in a bowl is always questionable, so you're going to have a floor full of Starbursts wrappers in no time.

Happy Halloween! Get weird!

Location, Bar, and Midnight Snacks: Professor Thom's (Yep! Believe it!)
Photography: Quyn Duong
Photo Booth: Shake & Share Media
Music: DJ Mylo