Davis Row x A Practical Wedding: What Wedding Details Are Worth Your Time (And Money)

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I'll never not be thrilled that Meg Keene invited me to join A Practical Wedding as a contributing writer this year. My pieces range from personal opinion essays to logistical advice articles. I'll share them all here! - Allison

You know what’s making wedding planning so difficult these days? I mean, of course you do, because you’re planning a wedding right now. But in short, it’s Pinterest. It’s the portal to the never ending internet rabbit hole of all things wedding. Pinterest is just the beginning: from there you can easily fall down all kinds of black holes on Etsy, Facebook, Reddit, wedding blogs… and then you start Googling for wedding planning tips and ideas, and it’s rinse and repeat.

A lot of these photos and articles are about stuff. Specifically, all the stuff you can have at your wedding: things you can buy or make and maybe personalize that contribute to your guests’ overall experience. And when you’re deep down the wedding planning rabbit hole, all of this stuff can start to feel super important. It’s in all the photos! It looks so cute and meaningful! It’s clearly going to be key to how people experience your wedding. And let’s be real, it’s super easy to burn through a ton of your budget on details. All that cute stuff that looked so good on Pinterest. Continue reading at APW.