Colorful & Sweet Brooklyn Wedding | The Green Building | Sabrina & Jeff

Photo by Julian N. Photography

Photo by Julian N. Photography

In every conversation, every meeting, and every email, Sabrina and Jeff talked about how important it was for their guests to have a great time. They wanted a wedding that still felt like a wedding, but was also a really fun party at its core. That thoughtfulness and love showed through in their details and it was a joy to bring them all together!

When I met these two, they immediately came across as a couple that's quiet but decisive. Nobody was hopping up on the table in our first meeting, literally or figuratively, but I realized fairly quickly that they had a lovely story to tell and a clear sense of how they wanted it to be told. Love that! Once we got the basics together, it was so much fun helping them come up with those extra little touches that made it unique.

Their guests, who were almost entirely friends from different stages of their lives, arrived at The Green Building to a candle-lit display of family photos that were graciously loaned from their parents' collections. They were witnesses to a simple and traditional Muslim ceremony, and chocolates were placed on each seat for a post-ceremony tradition ("to sweeten the mouth") which was such a special way to get everyone involved. Of course, we made sure that the bride and groom had chocolates, too.

Fig & Pig came through with incredible people and even better food, as always. We stocked the bar with their friends in mind, and included Jeff's favorite (Nikka Coffey Malt). Sabrina wanted colorful blooms and Stems Brooklyn brought seriously bright and beautiful arrangements. Along with mountains of desserts, Nook Bakery also provided a personalized coffee blend for guest favors (a nod to how the couple met!). 

And, really, what says love for your friends like a Bollywood performance? Friends from Sabrina's Prayer Hall came prepared with a whole lot of choreo, and it was amazing.

Photos taken and so generously shared by the wonderful Julian N. Photography!