Davis Row x A Practical Wedding: How To Make A Wedding Seating Chart With Minimal Tears

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I'll never not be thrilled that Meg Keene invited me to join A Practical Wedding as a contributing writer this year. My pieces range from personal opinion essays to logistical advice articles. I'll share them all here! - Allison

The wedding seating chart is one of those last-minute parts of planning that can surprise you with how hard (and time consuming) it is. So I’m here to give you all of the information you need to make creating your seating chart as easy (and tear-free) as possible.

The problem with the seating chart (other than juggling other people’s needs and emotions) is it comes just at the end of wedding planning, when you’re already handling a million things. Anyone who’s planned a wedding knows how those final weeks feel: it’s when you start to consider negative reactions you may receive as a result of the decisions you’ve made, while also trying to handle big-deal tasks that you couldn’t possibly have executed sooner. The seating chart is at the top of the list. I tell my clients, when they get desperate, although I could make your seating chart for you, you really don’t want me to. Context makes a great seating chart, and with my minimal context, I could just as well seat everyone in alphabetical order. And I for sure won’t know that your Aunt Sue has been mad at your Cousin Rob for years… only you know those details. Continue reading at APW.