Brooklyn Wedding Rager | The Bell House | Amanda & Rob


Before they even signed the contract, Amanda and Rob treated me to several drinks and gave me a t-shirt. As they told me about their plans for the wedding, there were times where I wished I could be a guest — they were stopping at nothing to make sure we put together a dope party. Tons of food. A huge bar. Live music. Yes, please.

They hosted their ceremony and reception at The Bell House, one of my favorite places in Brooklyn. One of the first decisions they made was to hire a fun band, since we were at a music venue after all, and Mixtape totally killed it. Beyond that, though, it was a real family affair. Amanda and Rob have a huge hospitality community surrounding them in Brooklyn, and so many of the people who made their day amazing were their friends. It was a super special night and I feel lucky that Davis Row was included!

Photos by Kristin Gladney, with a couple additional glamour shots of the reception floral pieces by the floral designer, Angel Salazar Design.