Davis Row x A Practical Wedding: A Cheat Sheet for Tipping Wedding Vendors

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I'll never not be thrilled that Meg Keene invited me to join A Practical Wedding as a contributing writer last year. My pieces range from personal opinion essays to logistical advice articles. I'll share them all here! - Allison

Clients ask me all sorts of questions about tipping wedding vendors, mostly because there’s lots of conflicting information out there about how it should be done. Who gets tipped? How much? When? Cash? Gifts? Reviews? Let’s break down the basics, and once we’ve done that, I’ll give you a wedding vendor tipping cheat sheet, just to make it super easy.

Firstly, it’s most important to note that tipping is by no means mandatory. Just like in your real life, you’ll want to award tips for great service. If you feel as though someone hasn’t done that great of a job, do not feel obligated to tip her! Also, read your contracts: some vendors include gratuity in their pricing, in which case no further cash is necessary (though a thank you card never goes amiss). Continue reading at APW.