We specialize in planning and experience design.

We’re best at building events from scratch in empty spaces (whether they’re warehouses or backyards), but love working with all sorts of logistics, guest counts, and budgets. We also love to travel, and although we are based in New York City, we are available to serve clients everywhere. There are no fees for travel to Washington, DC, Charlotte, North Carolina, or Atlanta, Georgia.


planning, experience design, & production

It’s difficult to limit our services or break them into packages, so we don’t. Instead, we consider each and every detail, each and every time. We’re happy to jump into the planning process after you’ve chosen a venue, a DJ, and a florist, or before you’re even sure of the right season. You’ll receive empowerment, inspiration, creative ideas, advice, the occasional animated GIF, and much, much more along the way. And when the day comes, you’ll be encouraged to enjoy the celebration while our team executes every detail.

**Clients who choose this service tend to have budgets of $700-1,000+ per guest overall.

wedding & event consulting

Just want to talk about a few things? We offer consulting services, too. The first conversation is always no-cost, no-commitment, so we can figure out what you need and how to help. Once you’re on board, you’ll have access to Allison for one-on-one conversations, vendor recommendations, contract review, creation of foundation documents (like timelines and floor plans), and more. If you get started with consulting and realize that you need more help than you thought, upgrading services is a breeze.

Hospitality and careful attention guide our business as well as our events. We take on only one client event per week/end in order to stay fully focused and present in your big moments, and work with a select few — we will only be partnering with ten couples in 2020.

Please note that we do not offer standalone Wedding/Event Management services (also known as Day-of/Month-of Coordination) at this time.

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